Sharing Apart
Lyrics by Joe DeShano ©2014

Share a little sunshine
 Shine bright like a star
Your brand new start
Sell your old car
Video stream from afar


Sharing makes you happy
Careful to share when sad
Sharing with people is good
Not to share at all is bad

Sharing a little part of me
Searching made easy for Tous
Sharing is so easy and free
Google is topped by YouTube

Share Your Brand Surfing
Selfies on YouTube
Top Google Ranking

You’re on your own way

 Building your own brand
Sharing a part of you

Here’s what you’re gonna do
Title your product Selfie
and 3 words are key

You Can Be For You ©2013
Joseph C. DeShano

1    e    &    a   2      &       3   a   4    e
G    G   G   G  D    D        E   D  E    D
you can be for you YOU see before you

Chorus (see above)

YES, Anywhere that you are
You can be a super star
Remember when you drive a car
Be sure to see "Tous" both near and far