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Heather Annastasia's Blog: "Never Talk Politics and Religion"

Heather Annastasia is a professional writer discussing politics, religion and current events with wit and satire. No topic is off limits, everything is open for debate! Have a witty post? Send submissions to

Modern Etiquette: Talking politics at home and work By Anna Post

BURLINGTON, Vermont (Reuters Life!) Mon Oct 4, 2010 9:54am EDT- Whether you're bracing yourself for the electioneering of the U.S. mid-terms, bemused by EU politics in Brussels, or just confounded by the compromises of the governing coalition in your own country, we all have an opinion on politics and politicians. Read the article.....

After watching and listening to the results of the elections of 2010, I have concluded that the fact that the Republicans did put the breaks on the Legislative Branch of our government has been overlooked by the main stream media. Besides, who left our economy in ruins after the bush burned for 8 years. The population at large is blaming those who at least tried to do something to fix what had been done. Short memories or is it conspiracy of the media that is really to blame for our current situation? Unfortunately, the Democrats had their own ego problems which only multiplied the perception that they were doing things the wrong way. I only wish that those who call themselves "Tea Party" would actually be a third party and not be a part of the Republican's Party.

Politics and Religion go hand in hand. For most everyone in the world, they believe that they are right. This is what troubles me. When one "feels" or thinks that they possess the one and only truth, we have a major problem. An open mind is what is needed. Think about it, how can you be right all the time. Are you perfect? Let me be the bearer of bad news, even if you have a high IQ, you are both capable of being or acting good or bad. Evil and Kindness are both in our blood. Remember, the next time you have the thought that you are better than anyone else, there are a billion people who can share the same thought. This is why we have Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Jews to name only a few. Save the Universe one Planet at a time.

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