1. Go to YouTube 2. Publish SELFIE ViDEO
TiTLE include ucb4u
3 key words:
intro U, product name, description, property & ucb4u

To reach the top of a Google search almost immediately, include ucb4u in the title of any YouTube video selfie along with three key descriptive words. The same procedure may also be used with any other websites to help improve the overall search engine ranking.  Repeat the process with other videos, pictures, blogs, etc., along with a variety of key word combinations in the titles, always including ucb4u.  The three key words, all by themselves, will direct the Google user's search.

Product or Self Branding is the goal for marketing success.  As a part of a process in this new age of the www, while establishing any brand, piggyback by using ucb4u.  The web is all about file organization, current activity, and alphabetizing.  Be honest and specific because YouTube will help the overall ranking of the brand.