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Free internet identity cyber security theft protection and correction.

Google (+ Plus) posts are great
Blogspot accounts rank High too!
Or Go to YouTube 2. Publish SHORT SELFIE ViDEO(S)

TiTLE include ucb4u
3 key words about
U, product or service, describe property & ucb4u

Be Proactive. Free Speech. Choose Your Own Representation.

You See Before You aka UCB4U is a YouTube title tag,
now known as a piggyback brand TTAGG
Google priority power puts You on Top of most searches
 when the user only uses your key words
This is a Free Favor / Courtesy
and Bill Gates agrees,
this is the way the internet was intended to be.
Life is a Beach

WOMMAN: Women Of Missing Mothers Advice Network  MOMM: Men Of Missing Mothers

Songs for my Mother and (tous de la terre) all of Earth.

Sharing Apart and You Can Be For You
song lyrics

Education + Arts = Religion + Business

Toutse' Tootsie Tootsies Two To Too Tou Tous Talented Feet Feat Female Male Musical Entertainment

PO$E :
Point Of $ale
Entertainment Education
Employment Empowerment

My Mentor : Roy Acuff
Signed Contracts : Wes Farrell
Promotional Collaboration : Howard Stern

Mission Statement: Our goal is to highlight and address our community’s issues in new and creative ways,
consisting of an Advisory system for Community Development Social Improvement Support Networks,
implementing progressive programs that address emerging or ongoing community challenges,
in the areas of Civic Engagement, Education, Earth’s Environment, Jobs and Economic Empowerment,
implemented via the Media Arts and Technology.

UCB4U or ucb4u is a super tag, now known as a TTAGG aka title tag for YouTube and Google.
Founder Joseph DeShano established WAVEEES, on the World Wide Web by © and as a Fla Corp. 2005 to 2010.

To reach the top of a Google search almost immediately,
include ucb4u in the TITLE of any YouTube video selfie along with three key descriptive words.
The same procedure may also be used with any other websites
to help improve the overall search engine ranking.
Repeat the process with other videos, pictures, blogs, etc.,
along with a variety of key word combinations in the titles,
always including ucb4u.
The three key words, all by themselves, will direct the Google user's search.

Product or Self Branding is the goal for marketing success.
As a part of a process in this new age of the www,
while establishing any brand, piggyback by using ucb4u.
The web is all about file organization, current activity, and perseverance.
Be honest and specific because YouTube will help the overall ranking of the brand.

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